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Woven seagrass tray

Round shaped tray with two handles


Woven ottoman

Seagrass, 7 layered designed woven ornament


Tightly woven sea grass basket

Metal framed tightly woven tall baskets with two handles    



Solid wood stool


Sea grass loosely woven basket

Rectangle rattan woven basket with white linen inside cover


Recycled coconut vase – Tall large

Shaded white recycled coconut vase


Recycled coconut vase – Flat oval

Plain white recycled coconut vase


Recycled coconut vase

Shaded white recycle coconut vase


Rectangle Sea Grass woven Basket

Tightly woven metal framed sea grass basket


Rattan handbags

Rattan dark brown small handbag with white linen inside


Natural grass woven baskets

Tightly woven, oval-shaped baskets with two handles


Glass Double Walled Vase

Inside out double glass vase – Blue


Ceramic vases assorted styles

Small oval dark green designed vase


Ceramic vases assorted styles

Oval shaped ceramic vases with shaded colours


Blue ombre glass vase – tall

Ceramic oval shaped ombre vase